Harry Potter Competition

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Harry Potter, you can enter a magical competition! The winner will receive a school library make over in the style of Hogwarts, plus a whole trunk of Harry Potter books!

To enter, you must invent and design your own magical library. Please ask Miss Griffiths or Miss Bridge for a competition form. Be as creative as you can – what would a magical library have in it that would be different to a normal library?

Good luck!

Image result for harry potter library

Image result for harry potter library

Mexico: a research project

We will be completing a mini project on Mexico! Use your chrome books to research the following information about Mexico and create a power point presentation about this. Do not copy information straight from the internet. Write in your won words. 

  • Countries that border it  
  • Major cities and population
  • Surrounding seas
  • Mountain ranges
  • Deserts
  • Airports
  • Tourist sites
  • Any other interesting information to wow your classmates

At the end of the session, you will have the opportunity to present to the class.

Image result for mexico

Image result for mexico

The Lighthouse: an adventure story

Watch this video carefully  with your headphones on. You are going to tell a recount of this video. Think about your writing carefully – what higher level punctuation can you use to uplevel your writing? What exciting vocabulary can you use to make your story sound really special?


Click on the image below to read some of the stories on Newsround this morning to learn about what’s happening in the world this morning!

Comment your most interesting story you have read about – share it with your classmates!

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